No matter where you live, there’s usually a way to include cycling in your daily commute. Many people don’t even consider taking the bicycle as an option, but we believe it’s one of the best options you have.

Here’s why –

Get fitter & healthier

  1. Spending time outside is great; the sunshine will boost your serotonin levels & make you feel great (make sure you wear sunscreen if needed)
  2. Reduces risk of a variety of health conditions including cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity
  3. Higher energy levels, lower stress levels – be happier
  4. Sleep better
  5. Stimulates your intestinal muscles, helps prevent bloating and keep you more regular
  6. Become fitter and leaner; easier on your body than running
  7. Breathe healthier, fresher air – you breathe more fumes in a car or bus than on a bike while commuting
  8. Look & feel younger
  9. Your self esteem and confidence will increase
  10. See your city from a new point of view
  11. Have fun and make your commute the best part of your day instead of the worst


Save money & time

  1. It is so much cheaper than driving
  2. Getting your daily exercise on your way to work means less time & money spent in the gym
  3. Be independent of public transport & don’t get stuck in traffic jams
  4. Never worry about a parking spot (or parking fees) again
  5. Save on healthcare expenses
  6. Cycling is the most energy efficient form of transport


Save the environment

  1. Save CO2 by not driving
  2. Reduce noise & water pollution
  3. Less congestion
  4. Less road kill
  5. Less materials and energy are used for making bicycles than cars
  6. The more people cycle, the more infrastructure for bicycles rather than cars will be built, making it easier and safer for all cyclists


Tip: If you don’t own a bicycle, check if your city offers a bike share program!

Another tip: If your workplace is too far, consider cycling part of the way. Check TripGo for some good options to include a bike in your commute. Alternatively, have you considered getting an electric bike?


Over to you

What is your experience with bicycle commuting?

  • If you do it, what do you enjoy most about it?
  • If you don’t, what would need to happen for you to start?

Let us know in the comments below.

Title image credit: “Cycling Oxford” by Tejvan Pettinger / CC BY 2.0

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