Do you love to travel? Take these free apps on your next trip, and you might be surprised about how a bit of technology can make your holiday so much more awesome.

  • DuoLingo: Learn to talk like a local. Learning a new language has never been so fun and easy (let alone free). You can also challenge your friends and learn together for a more rewarding experience. Free on AppStore & PlayStore.
  • WorldMate: Organize your itinerary. WorldMate recognises your travel reservations (airline, hotel, car) and automatically organizes your trips. You’ll also get real time flight alerts. Free on AppStore & PlayStore.
  • iTranslate: Talk in their language. iTranslate is one of the best translator apps you can get. It doesn’t just translate words and sentences in over 80 languages, but also pronounces the words for you if you’re unsure. Free on AppStore & PlayStore.
  • Airbnb: Find somewhere to sleep. Stay at new, interesting places, with friendly locals or in your own space. Often it’s cheaper than paying for hotel rooms. Plus you can make some money renting out your home while you’re abroad. Free on AppStore & PlayStore.
  • Gogobot: Check out the neighborhood. Similar to TripAdvisor and Yelp, Gogobot provides you with reviews of local places, but also personalises them based on “tribes” and shows you what it thinks will be most relevant to you. Pretty awesome, though it needs some more content to let it reach its full potential. Free on AppStore & PlayStore.


Tip: Check if TripGo is available at your destination for all your local travel needs!


Did we forget YOUR favourite travel app? Let us know in the comments below!



Title picture: Hotel Ca’ Sagredo – Grand Canal – Venice Italy Venezia by gnuckx
Screenshots from AppStore

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