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At SkedGo we’re big on saving time and working out new ways to be more efficient; that’s how the idea for TripGo came about in the first place! (read more about that here).

So today we thought we’d share with you our favourite productivity hacks that we use on a daily basis to here at the TripGo office to help us be more productive and efficient – not just at work, but in life generally.

Why are these so important?

The more productive we are with our time, the more time we have available to us to do the things we love doing – i.e. having fun!

1. Plan your day the night before.

Every evening write out a plan for the following day including all of your appointments and daily tasks. This means you’ll hit the ground running in the morning rather than wasting time working out where you need to be.

2. Set 3 main goals to achieve each day.

Setting three main goals to complete each day is gives you a clear and well defined focus. Trying to fit too many tasks into one day will sap your energy and motivation, whereas checking off all the items on your daily to-do list will give you a great sense of accomplishment. It also means you can move onto something new if you’ve checked off all items on your list.

3. Batch similar tasks.

Batching similar tasks together is a great way to streamline their completion and boost productivity and efficiency.

It’s easy to get distracted trying to multi-task and tackle several projects at once, but batching allows for increased focused which translates to less distractions and higher productivity. That’s a win/win in our books!

4. Cut down on commuting time.

There’s an app to help you with this! Yep, that’s right, using TripGo helps you save time and will get you to your location in the most efficient way possible. Make sure you’re using TripGo’s agenda feature and have all of your calendar appointments sync with the app – then all you need to do is wait for TripGo to remind you when you need to leave for your next meeting.

5. Get the big rocks in each week.

Being productive relies on getting stuff done – a lot of it. By planning your time so that you concentrate on completing the hardest and biggest tasks first means that rather chewing up your time running around working on smaller tasks you’re able to knock-off those big ticket items. Once these major tasks are out of the way it leaves you the rest of your time free to concentrate on everything else you need to get done.

6. Ditch the unimportant.

Think about everything you do in a day. How many of these things are unnecessary and costing you precious time? Whether it’s getting lost in the internet vortex or logging into Facebook multiple times a day – start paying attention to when you engage in these mindless activities and ditch them altogether.

7. Time box.

Rather than working on a task until it’s done – commit yourself to work on it for a fixed period of time. This means you can easily schedule major tasks and make a dent in them over time rather than trying to complete them at once. It’s also a great way to overcome procrastination by setting short time box periods to complete tasks and committing finishing them in this time frame.

Do you have a productivity hack that helps you be more efficient with your time? We’d love to know about it!

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