This week, we are having a look at the coolest open transportation-related crowdfunding projects on kickstarter and indiegogo.

These are our top picks:


Hendo Hoverboard

It’s a hoverboard! Well, it’s a first step at least… This cool gadget works using magnets and currently only works on surfaces that are specifically designed for it*. It’ll also be expensive ($10,000 per piece), but how exciting is it that we’re moving closer to the Back to the Future vision!
Looks like we still have to wait a few more years for a real hoverboard that you and me can ride around the city though.
*the surface substrate needs to be a non-ferromagnetic conductor

The Hendo Hoverboard


Shweeb SkySMART

It might not be the most flexible mode of transportation around, but SkySMART is certainly different to what’s around in most cities these days. Basically it’s a suspended pod that you lie in and power by cycling (plus “e assist”) to get you from A to B. Why not just use an e-bike and go wherever you want? Well basically this system is a lot safer and you won’t get stuck in traffic. Plus, it looks damn futuristic!

Shweeb SkySMART



Love cruising around but hate when your phone battery runs out? This skateboard lets you charge your electronic devices, and even play music, with the energy you generated by riding.

The Chargeboard



Another charging solution for your smartphone. This USB charging cable stands out through its (lack of) size, and you can easily carry it with you on your key ring. It’s available with Lightning or microUSB connector which makes it suitable for a wide variety of devices.




A smart taillight for your bicycle that aims at making cycling safer, including a brake light. It has anti-theft alarm and loads of other features as well, but  needs smartphone app for most.
[for more awesome bicycle accessories that are available now check our Future of Cycling post!]

The 8Rlicht taillight


Easy Turn

An alternative taillight which indicates turns and breaking to the drivers behind you in order to increase your safety as a cyclist on the road.



Drive Angel

Drive Angel is an app that promises to keep you safe while driving. It will let people know when you’re not available because you’re driving, remind you to keep a safe speed and sound level in the car, and automatically alert emergency services and specified contacts if you do get into a crash.
Drive Angel

Over to you

Did we forget your favourite crowdfunding project?

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Image credits: Picture for each project from the respective campaign sites; SkySMART image from their Facebook page. Title image: Chargeboard.

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