Behind the scenes :: with Brian Huang

Hi Brian, thanks for having a chat with us today! First we’d like to know what you did before and how you got started at SkedGo.

Brian: I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering in New Zealand before coming to Australia for my Master in Telecommunication and later a PhD in Computer Science at UNSW. My PhD thesis was on participatory sensing networks, which is an area in networks that takes advantage of the pervasiveness of mobile and wearable devices to collect and share information about our daily lives.

Just before completing my thesis in 2012, I came across SkedGo and liked the vision that they have so decided to apply for a position and have been with them since!

What’s your role at SkedGo and why do you like it?

Brian: I’m an iOS developer in our Sydney office. I was previously working on TripGo but now spend most of my time doing a “secret” project that will see its beta reaching the public soon!

I enjoy working here at SkedGo because I have a lot of freedom deciding what I want to do and how I want to get things done. Did I mention that our office is at The Rocks? How wonderful is it to see Sydney Harbour on my way to work everyday!

What’s your best productivity hack?

Brian: I find that changing environment works quite well for me. I’d occasionally work from home to take advantage of the serenity that helps me to concentrate while other times, seeing other people hard at work in the office motivates me.

Your best tip for travelling smarter?

Brian: Travel is an integral part of our lives now and many developers are aware of this, so there are many apps, e.g. TripGo, TripIt, Flight scanner etc that exist to take the hassle out of travelling for us. Enlisting the services of these apps will help you organise your trip and get on the roads easier and faster.

Where do you find inspiration?

Brian: I mostly find inspiration when I’m walking, whether it’s on my way to bus stop or just wandering around in the office. Jogging sometimes helps too.

What keeps me inspired is knowing that I’m working with a group of extremely talented people who work tirelessly to enhance the lives of millions of people.

What are you most excited about coming up for TripGo?

Brian: I am very excited about the Agenda feature. It automatically plans the entire day for you and if you happen to deviate from your schedule, it even figures out where you are and intelligently routes you to your next event.

Just the other day, I was meant to take a bus home from a stop on Elizabeth St but somehow ended up being at a completely different area in the city. I opened TripGo and it immediately recognised my current location and suggested an alternate bus that’d take me home – all without me doing anything! How cool is that?

Agreed, that’s pretty awesome! Thanks Brian!