SkedGo was born out of the need to create smarter ways for people to travel. Our Mobility-as-a-Service technology allows public transit authorities, corporations and start-ups to create their own tailored MaaS applications without having to re-invent the wheel. Our technology is tried and tested and we constantly develop new, cutting edge features.

SkedGo’s intermodal routing engine is unparalleled and currently integrates over 4000 transport service providers globally. We offer many unique features, such as accessibility routing, occupancy information and personalisation options (tailored route prioritising low carbon, exercise, speed of trip, cost of trip or convenience).

Our tools are particularly useful for those clients wanting to promote active and environmentally friendly travel, as well as specific local transport modes and those looking for tailored MaaS and corporate mobility solutions.

We are an active member of the MaaS Alliance and believe MaaS is an efficient tool to reduce carbon, get communities moving and provide an attractive value-add for end users.


Winner Future Digital Awards Smart City Innovation: Platinum Smart City Platform

Finalist ‘Tech for Good’ Global Good Awards

Winner No.1 Global Mobility Platform Provider by Ptolemus

Winner BusinessMaaS “Best Smartphone App 2018”

Gartner Cool Vendor “Smart City Applications and Solutions”
Winner Smart Cities Accessibility Challenge (three month incubator)

Winner Rio Olympics Transport Challenge (‘Experience the Olympics’ category)

Winner of Smart City App Hack Barcelona
Popular Choice Award at São Paulo Mobility Global Challenge

Winner of CodeWorks NSW Roads Hackathon

Winner of Transport for NSW App Hot House (trains)
Finalist of QLD Premier’s Award for Open Data

Winner of Transport for NSW App Hot House (buses)
Winner of Optus/NICTA Award

Who is behind SkedGo?

SkedGo was started in 2009 by three founders with previous successful exits and has offices in Australia (HQ), Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Finland and the UK.

SkedGo provides personalised trip planning, corporate mobility and other mobility-as-a-service technology – for governments, corporations and start-ups. Our senior developer team creates tailored solutions leveraging our unique API, SDK and White Labels.

The result: organisations can rapidly create their own multi/mixed modal MaaS offering, including journey planning, parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries as well as complete corporate mobility solutions.

Chairman and Co-founder Claus von Hessberg started SkedGo to address social and environmental challenges, with focus on Mobility as a Service and transportation. He was nominated as one of the Top Ten Mobility as a Service Influencers by industry publication BusinessMaaS.

CTO and Co-founder Adrian Schoenig leads the development teams at SkedGo. He has a background in information systems and computer science, with a major in artificial intelligence. Co-founder Dr Tim Cooper holds a PhD in Computer Science from Sydney University. He runs several successful businesses in the tech space.

CEO John Nuutinen is a senior executive with a wealth of experience across a range of industries – including media, publishing and technology. He has worked in a number of international jurisdictions and within a variety of vertical markets.

Head of Marketing Sandra Witzel leads the ‘User-centric MaaS’ sub group within the Users & Rights working group at the MaaS Alliance and is a co-founder of the Women in Mobility London Hub.

In 2016, TripGo spin-off RioGo won the official Rio Olympic City Transport challenge for the Olympic games. SkedGo was named Gartner Cool Vendor for Smart Cities Applications and Solutions in 2017.

Also in 2017, SkedGo won the Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge run by the NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation with Transport for NSW and Slingshot to include more features for wheelchair users. In 2018, TripGo was named ‘Best Smartphone App’ by industry publication BMaaS. Global consulting group Ptolemus recognised SkedGo as No. 1 Global Mobility Platform Provider in 2019. The Future Digital Awards chose SkedGo as the winning Platinum Smart City Platform for the Smart City Innovation category in 2020.

Some of SkedGo’s clients

Optus, the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia, uses TripGo as a white label to integrate Optus employee busses and encourage staff to leave their cars at home. TCCS, the local transport authority in Canberra, also takes advantage of SkedGo’s solution. UK company Ticketer is very happy with SkedGo’s MaaS platform. In the US, Conduent benefitted from the platform to provide local journey planners in LA and Denver. Nissan engaged SkedGo for a corporate mobility pilot in Paris. Vy Group (formerly NSB), one of the largest transport groups in the Nordics, appointed MaaS platform provider SkedGo to build their new journey planner for the Scandinavian region. SkedGo also provides the technology for the Australian MaaS trial with iMOVE, IAG and University of Sydney.

“Routing has become commoditised with users spoilt for free choices. The next value add is predictive transport personalisation, to serendipitously serve trips that match where, how, when and with who a user wants to go. That will open the gates to deeper online-offline coordination socially and professionally, save time, money and carbon.”

Claus von Hessberg, SkedGo founder