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Autonomous vehicles must not increase our impact on the climate, says SkedGo

Milton Keynes, UK – 11 November 2019: The adoption of autonomous vehicles must be carefully managed to avoid increasing the number of private cars on Europe’s roads, says mobility as a service (MaaS) tech-enabler SkedGo.  

Speaking on Thursday 7 November at Smart Mobility 2019 Executive Update on: Connected, Self-Learning, Autonomous Vehicles in Milton Keynes, Sandra Witzel, Head of Marketing at SkedGo, said: “Autonomous vehicles present a real business opportunity, but this must be carefully weighed against both the environmental impact and the capacity of the European road network. We must not simply increase the number of cars on the road because of new technology.

“At SkedGo we believe MaaS can drive meaningful behavioural change and encourage people towards greener, shared forms of transport to reduce their carbon footprint. With the right approach from manufacturers, governments and transport authorities, autonomous vehicles can be a valued addition to future mobility models, particularly for those who need a reliable connection to accessible forms of transport.” 

Since it was founded in Sydney in 2009, SkedGo has integrated thousands of transport service operators into its MaaS platform, covering hundreds of cities worldwide. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, SkedGo has transformed from an Australian start-up to a recognised global leader in the routing and trip planning space. 

Witzel added: “If managed properly, the introduction of autonomous and on demand vehicles into new MaaS offerings also provides the chance to bridge the first mile/last mile gap for people with disabilities, helping them to travel safely and efficiently. Accessibility features can be introduced from the very start, to truly cater for all users of transport.”

Through its TripGo API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) tools; including TripKit for iOS and Android, SkedGo provides organisations with the building blocks to rapidly build their own multi and mixed modal MaaS offering. The result is an end-to-end experience for their passengers including journey and event planning, ticket purchase, parking and car hire, as well as complete corporate mobility solutions.


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About SkedGo 

SkedGo was founded in 2009. Its HQ is in Sydney, Australia and the enterprise has teams in Germany, UK, Vietnam and Argentina.

SkedGo provides personalised trip planning and mobility as a service technology, for leading start-ups, corporations, and governments. Their senior developer team offers tailored solutions leveraging the TripGo API. The result: organisations can seamlessly and rapidly integrate mixed/multi modal transport services, parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries.

European industry body MaaS Alliance accepted the TripGo API as blueprint for a standard interface for MaaS journey planning websites and mobile applications. In 2016, TripGo spin-off RioGo won the official Rio Olympic City Transport challenge for the Olympic games. 

SkedGo was named Gartner Cool Vendor for Smart Cities Applications and Solutions in 2017

Also in 2017, SkedGo won the Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge run by the NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation with Transport for NSW and Slingshot to include more features for wheelchair users. 

In 2018, TripGo was named ‘Best Smartphone App’ by industry publication BMaaS. Strategic consultancy Ptolemus nominated SkedGo as ‘Best Mobility Platform Provider’ in 2019.