B Corp Certification: towards a better future

Even in the very beginning, our apps showed emissions and included “the environment” in personal preferences, along with budget, travel time and convenience of the trip. Equity has also been a big issue for us for a long time, and we work hard on making a change through our apps as well as through business actions.

What we are doing:

In our apps

  • The consumer apps we create encourage users to consider sustainable alternatives to driving
  • Our apps support businesses in reducing their fleets and offering their employees green alternatives to commute
  • Our apps are carefully designed for accessibility

In our company

  • We collaborate with a variety of organisations like Feonix to help address mobility insecurity and sustainability
  • We endeavour to measure the positive impact we have on people and communities through our apps
  • Our mission statement includes commitments to positive social and environmental impacts
  • We support our employees living greener by offering work from home, flexible work hours, using teleconferences, digital instead of paper documents, and co-working spaces
  • We strive to reduce waste and encourage our staff to travel sustainably, e.g. train rather than plane or car
  • We regularly publish blog posts, educating the general public about
  • We send out a monthly idea to staff on how they can live a greener life
  • We recently joined the Greentech Alliance

Now, the team at SkedGo has started the process of becoming a certified B Corporation. This allows us to not only demonstrate our commitment to social and environmental issues, but also holds us up to a high standard and encourages us to regularly re-evaluate the impact we have on the world around us. Adding a B Corp Certification to our toolbox helps us move closer to the environmental and societal improvement we’ve been working for for a long time.

Becoming a B Corp is not easy. The assessment is holistic and rigorous. Organisations have to demonstrate high social and environmental standards and practices, and provide transparency as well as accountability to all stakeholders. We are prepared to go through this process, because we believe that it will help us become an even better organisation.

By joining the group of excellent B Corp organisations around the world, our efforts to tackle issue like injustice, inequality and global warming will be recognised and enhanced. We are all working for a better world, and we can’t wait to be part of the global network of recognised change makers.

If you would like to learn more about the B Corp Movement, have a look at this video:

Title photo by SkedGo