Voted the Best Commuter City in the World

Hong Kong has again been awarded the title of the best city in the world for commuters. The Urban Mobility Index reports that of the international 84 cities included in the survey Hong Kong had developed “the most advanced urban mobility system in the world”. The combination of high public transport utilisation and low ratio of registered vehicles per capita helped the city secure the prize for the second year running.

The finalist were: – Hong Kong (58.2/100) – Stockholm – Amsterdam – Copenhagen – Vienna – Singapore

London ranked ninth in the study, with Tokyo 19th and Beijing 28th, followed by Guangzhou.

Although Hong Kong scores well in most categories of the study, its score in cycle path density was the lowest in the top 11 cities. Hong Kong only has 187 kilometres of cycling paths for every 1000 square kilometres of land, compared to 4,041 in Stockholm, 3,502 in Amsterdam and 280 in Singapore.