Case Studies

Our MaaS technology solutions are completely tailored, localised and adaptable to a diverse range of use cases. Cities, local councils, transport agencies and corporates can all benefit from providing seamless mobility offerings to their communities. We have listed a few examples below, to demonstrate the versatility of our products and showcase how Mobility-as-a-Service can deliver more sustainable, accessible, cost effective and efficient solutions. Contact us anytime to discuss how we can help you.


In collaboration with Feonix – Mobility Rising, SkedGo is developing easy-to-use MaaS applications with advanced accessibility features, integration of local on-demand transport services, a mobility wallet, and easy to use admin dashboards for the transport service providers who do not have sophisticated ride scheduling technology. The projects aim to bring together all operators in one region and provide easy access to their services to the local community.

United Kingdom

SkedGo is working with Leicester City Council to strengthen sustainable and active travel in the region. The deal sees the launch of two Android and iPhone apps as part of the Choose How You Move initiative, offering an easy-to-use journey planner that incorporates public transport, e-bikes from Santander Cycles, Park and Ride spaces, taxis, cycling and walking routes.

United Kingdom

UK transit agency Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) incorporated SkedGo’s journey planner onto its website, offering commuters mobility options in the city and its surrounds, including buses, trains and trams. Users can see the CO2 output for each trip and prioritise journeys based on low carbon emissions, time taken, convenience and cost. The aim of this project is to help ease city congestion and encourage public transport use.


PON uses SkedGo’s TripGo API for a multi-modal trip planning app for employers, residents and visitors. It allows users to plan a complete journey including shared bicycle or scooter, but also to book and pay for tickets for the planned public transport journey. Employees can travel on behalf of the employer, or declare their business or commuter travel costs directly.


The ODIN PASS program, developed in partnership by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and The University of Queensland (UQ), and supported by iMOVE CRC, is Australia’s largest Mobility as a Service (MaaS) research trial. ODIN PASS uses the SkedGo MaaS platform to plan and book travel for eight different transport modes from the ODIN PASS smartphone app.  The trial continues to receive positive feedback from participants with user numbers growing weekly.


SkedGo has been selected by Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS), a branch of the ACT Government, to build and further develop a comprehensive journey planner for customers in Australia’s capital, Canberra. The web app includes available public transport as well as cycling, walking, taxis, Uber and car rentals as transport options, wheelchair-accessible services, school busses, and more. The intuitive journey planner assists customers to navigate their way around the city with ease.


This POC project in collaboration with Shotl and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) brings together Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and MaaS in Japan. Users can use Android and iOS applications to plan, book, and calculate fares for multi-modal routes that start or end with a DRT trip, and incorporate all public transport options. The result is a seamless door-to-door experience.


In this project, in a partnership with the City of Darwin, SkedGo’s award winning journey planner is incorporated into the Darwin Council website, offering travellers a wide range of transport options within the city and surrounding regions. The Darwin Journey Planner promotes combining public transport modes with active travel options like walking, cycling and micro mobility.


Placie uses SkedGo’s API for their multi-modal trip planning app, providing a one stop transport app for all Australians. The app has multiple modes including public transport, cycling, cars and motorbikes, ride-hailing and taxis, and includes booking and payment. What makes Placie special? Having one app where you can compare pricing from different taxi providers and ride-hailing companies, including in-app bookings and payments is unique, in particular in Australia.

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