Proud to B CorpTM Certified

In 2023 we became a Certified B CorporationTM, joining a global business community dedicated to creating a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. It marks one of our proudest achievements to date. Why? Because we have always held a commitment to deliver social impact through our business. This recognition confirms who we are and our approach to making a difference as a MaaS technology enabler within the mobility sector. Read on to find out what it took us to become a B Corp Certified company – and feel free to celebrate this milestone with us!

“As stewards of the planet, it’s our collective duty to shape our transport system in a way that protects the environment and fosters greater equity. We must strive for sustainable mobility solutions that offer access and opportunity to everyone.”

Sandra Witzel

CMO for SkedGo

Where purpose meets profit

SkedGo’s journey first started when our founders went to a soccer game in suburban Sydney and noticed that the 40 players and audience members had travelled alone in their own vehicles. It was this realisation that sparked a commitment to find a better solution – one which would help to reduce single occupancy vehicles on roads and be accessible to everyone.

Over the years, providing equitable MaaS solutions has become increasingly profitable as society adapts to changing needs. There are now more mobility modes than ever, combined with an ageing population, and increased pressure to ensure rural communities don’t get left behind. With public purpose at our core, we’re proud to be playing a part in creating a more connected, sustainable, and inclusive transport system.

What is a Certified B Corp?

B LabTM has a lofty goal. The nonprofit network behind B Corp wants all businesses to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency – and be a Force for GoodTM. What does the B stand for? ‘Benefit for All’. It’s a powerful reminder of the potential for every organisation to make a positive impact.

There are more than 7,000 companies in 93 countries and 161 industries that are part of this movement. We are delighted to stand together with these purpose-driven organisations, sharing a commitment to socially responsible business practices and good governance. The certification is especially important in the mobility sector to encourage more equitable and sustainable transport solutions.

Our B Corp journey

The B Corp Certification process was thorough. It required deep introspection and probed every facet of our business from governance and community to employee and client relationships. Was it worth it? Absolutely. We feel it’s made us a stronger business and reinforced our sense of purpose to deliver sustainable, inclusive and accessible mobility solutions.

B Corp keeps businesses accountable to the values that shape our shared future. It helped us ensure that our internal structures and workings are equally as conscious and responsible as the work we do with our clients and their communities. As a result, we’ve learnt a lot along the way to help us become an even better business. We couldn’t be more excited about the journey ahead!

What makes SkedGo a B Corporation

Core business practices that helped us become a Certified B Corp.

Driving mobility innovation

Our mobility technology is tailored, localised and adaptable to a diverse range of use cases. We collaborate closely with clients and end users to guide future development to support inclusive, accessible and sustainable mobility.

Championing equitable transport

We strive to make mobility more inclusive for everyone, having built accessibility features into our core apps and tools from the start. Today we offer wheelchair routing, cycle and path friendliness, customizable walking speeds, screen-reader ability and more.

Delivering social impact

We are committed to tackling transport insecurity to help improve lives and communities. Through our partnerships, we’re making mobility accessible for underserved communities and supporting more sustainable transport choices.

SkedGo’s B Impact AssessmentTM score

We are thrilled with our verified B Impact Assessment score of 84.7—surpassing the benchmark score of 80. Moving forward, we aim to build on this strong foundation. This means we will continue to document our social and environmental impact as part of the certification process. It’s a challenge we are proud to take on as we strive to improve our score and socially responsible practices to the benefit of our employees, business partners and the wider community.

SkedGo’s awards

Juniper Research – Platinum Award Winner for Best MaaS Platform
Juniper Research – Pathway to Net Zero Award, Judges’ Choice
Global Good Awards – ‘Tech for Good’ Finalist (twice) and named “One to Watch”
ITS Australia Awards – Intelligent Mobility Award Winner

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