Power personalised mobility offerings.
Combine all transport modes.

We partner with start-ups, bluechip companies and governments to help them integrate all private, public and commercial transport modes and services into an accessible platform.Together with our clients and partners, we shape the future of mobility and smart cities.

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TripGo: City transit planner


Sync your calendar with TripGo and let the Agenda automatically plan trips to, from and between events in your diary. It intelligently proposes the best connections for you, so you can relax and enjoy your day.

Growing location support

It doesn’t make sense to get a new transport app everytime you travel to a new city. With support for hundreds of locations around the world, we can help you reach your destination in more places.

Results in real-time

Get up-to-the minute information on predicted departure and arrival times, GPS locations and service alerts for public transport, traffic, bike and car shares. TripGo helps you make sure your trip goes to plan.

Trip planning door-to-door

TripGo compares transport modes to provide you with the most efficient, cost effective and quickest options. With access to over 10 different types of public, personal and private transport—trip planning just got a lot easier.

About SkedGo

SkedGo was born out of the need to create smarter ways for people to travel. Starting with TripGo, we invented a trip planning app that can do so much more than what meets the eye. We are constantly questioning the status quo and take an active role in shaping future transport needs and features.


Why transport users should care about Mobility as a Service

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The Ultimate Transport Guide :: Sydney

Sydney – Australia’s metropolis surrounded by national parks, the Blue Mountains and the Tasman Sea. Whether you’ve been living here for a long time, just moved here or are visiting as a tourist, we’ve got the best tips for you on how to travel around the city. To find your best connection […]

TripGo makes life easier for wheelchair users

Getting around on a wheelchair with public transport isn’t always easy. Limited platform accessibility or no access to busses can be a real problem. While accessibility overall has improved dramatically over the past decade, a non-existent or broken lift can make travel for wheelchair users a challenge. So does an […]

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