SkedGo builds new journey planner for Australian capital

SYDNEY; September 25, 2018 – Australian tech company SkedGo has been selected by Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS), a branch of the ACT Government, to build and further develop a comprehensive journey planner for customers in Australia’s capital, Canberra.

The contract involves developing a web user interface where customers can plan trips within the Australian Capital Territory, using multiple modes of transport. The web app will include available public transport as well as cycling, walking, taxis, Uber and car rentals as transport options.

Wheelchair-accessible services, school busses, and bike racks will be added during development. Customers will be able to view bike share drop-off, Park & Ride, and MyWay ticketing locations.

“Transport Canberra (TC) is developing an intuitive Journey Planner that will assist their customers to navigate their way through the bus network changes and new light rail launch.” said Sarah Carroll, Project Manager for the Journey Planner Project at TCCS. “Some of the key changes include expanding it to include active travel and school services. We wanted to provide an external developer the opportunity to work with the ACT Government to build and implement this customer tool on the TC website.”

She also states that “after assessing the considerable expertise available in the market at the moment, we are delighted to work with SkedGo to build and further develop the Journey Planner for future customer and business needs.”

The web app is set to launch by the end of the year. SkedGo will provide the directions engine, User Interface (UI), branding, ongoing support, and other features.

SkedGo CEO and Founder, Claus von Hessberg, says: “This project is a great opportunity to give advanced multi and mixed modal trip planning to transport users in the Australian capital. Showing all transport options and letting users compare encourages more use of public transport and bikes. We are excited to help Transport Canberra to be at the forefront of a global mobility trend, providing better information, for more convenience, healthier choices and a more liveable city.”

About SkedGo

SkedGo was founded in 2011. Its HQ is in Sydney, Australia and the enterprise has teams in Germany, UK, Finland, Vietnam and Argentina.

SkedGo provides personalised trip planning and mobility as a service technology, for leading start-ups, corporations, and governments. Their senior developer team offers tailored solutions leveraging the TripGo API. The result: organisations can seamlessly and rapidly integrate mixed/multi model transport services, parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries.

CEO and Co-founder Claus von Hessberg started SkedGo to address social and environmental challenges, with focus on Mobility as a Service and transportation. He was nominated as one of the Top Ten Mobility as a Service Influencers by industry publication BusinessMaaS. CTO and Co-founder Adrian Schoenig leads the development teams at SkedGo. He has a background in information systems and computer science, with a major in artificial intelligence. Co-founder Dr Tim Cooper holds a PhD in Computer Science from Sydney University. He runs several successful businesses in the tech space.

European industry body MaaS Alliance recently accepted the TripGo API as blueprint for a standard interface for MaaS journey planning websites and mobile applications. In 2016, TripGo spin-off RioGo won the official Rio Olympic City Transport challenge for the Olympic games. SkedGo was named Gartner Cool Vendor for Smart Cities Applications and Solutions in 2017.

Also in 2017, SkedGo won the Smart Cities & Accessibility Challenge run by the NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation with Transport for NSW and Slingshot to include more features for wheelchair users.

Optus, the second largest telecommunications provider in Australia, uses TripGo as a white label to integrate Optus employee busses and encourage staff to leave their cars at home. MaaS Malaga uses TripGo to provide the first mobility as a service platform in Spain.

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