Promote active travel & sustainable transport with MaaS

With greater concerns today around public health, air quality and overcrowding, keeping communities safely, actively on the move is an increasingly tough challenge. Public authorities and private companies are seeking more agile, smart ways to create their mobility strategies and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) adds a vital tool to their arsenal.   

How can SkedGo help achieve this?

SkedGo’s sophisticated journey planner – provided as white label, via API or SDK – is a unique technology tool that can adapt to a wide range of mobility situations and contexts. It enables local governments to offer journey planning services to their citizens, regardless of the location, types of transport available or journey types. 

What makes SkedGo’s offer different? 

Unlike other ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, SkeGo’s offering comes with a broad range of personalisation features, yet is still simple to use. Trip chain results can emphasize certain ways to travel over others, such as active travel and public transport versus car rides. The planner can create journeys based on a wide range of criteria, such as occupancy, bike friendly routes, low carbon emissions, calorie usage, accessibility for wheelchair users or reduced transport costs. This helps clients align with their social and environmental goals. 

What regions and technologies are supported? 

We already integrate over 4,000 transport service providers in our routing algorithm, so it’s very likely your local transport modes such as public transport and share cars are already included. Depending on the data you can supply, we can create a tailored journey planner for you, with your branding and local preferences built in. All you need to do is add it to your website.

Get your community moving!

Leicester City Council, UK – Case Study

Leicester City Council and Leicestershire County Council’s joint partnership aims to encourage active and sustainable travel on commuter, school and leisure trips, in support of the City Mayor’s vision to create a connected, safe and family friendly city. 

The council’s “Choose How You Move” website is the ‘one stop shop’ for all information on transport and travel in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Since 2016, Leicester City Council has generated notable increases in active travel through providing advice, training and access to opportunities which have enabled employees to travel to work by bike, public transport or on foot. Nearly 70% of schoolchildren are currently walking to school in Leicester – well above the national average of 49%.

The new journey planner for the ‘Choose How You Move’ website was procured as part of Leicester City Council’s ‘Enhanced Behaviour Change Programme’ which is funded by the Joint Air Quality Unit – a partnership between the Department for Transport and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The programme aims to improve air quality on the city’s major transport corridors by encouraging modal shift to walking, cycling and public transport. 

“We chose to partner with SkedGo as we felt that the TripGo product offered the best functionality and design for journey planning. We were particularly impressed with its ability to combine multiple modes of transport (e.g. cycle – bus – walk) on a single journey as well as its calculation and display of cost, calories burnt and carbon emitted per journey. 

Working with SkedGo on developing and implementing the TripGo widget into the ChooseHowYouMove website has been excellent. They have been happy to fit in around our schedule and have provided regular communication on the progress of the project from start to finish. 

Additionally, they have been very accommodating and patient with all our requirements and have been helpful in guiding us through the relevant processes. Ultimately, we are very pleased with the TripGo product and look forward to continued collaboration with SkedGo.” 

Max S. Longley, Transport Development Officer at Leicester City Council

Developing and implementing a journey planner was identified as a solution since it will enable residents and visitors to find out how current or new journeys can be taken by sustainable transport. A journey planner will allow residents and visitors to visualise their journeys and understand the many benefits of using sustainable transport.

“The introduction of multi-modal trip planning capabilities to the Choose How You Move website now enables residents, commuters and visitors in Leicester to plan their travel based on their personal preferences. Our journey planner lets users decide whether they want to reduce their carbon emissions, the cost of their trip, or the time it takes to get to their destination. It also recommends the healthiest trip option to them. 

It’s very exciting to collaborate with Leicester City Council on this initiative. Their active travel program and advocacy of accessibility in transport aligns with our own core values, and provides other cities with a great example of inclusive travel for all.”

John Nuutinen, CEO of SkedGo