From Sydney to Melbourne with TripGo

Australia is a big country. For a long time, we have been getting requests from people wanting to travel from Victoria to New South Wales, or reverse.

Now, we have connected the two regions so you can find the best connections between Melbourne and Sydney, or any of the other places supported in the two states.

A map showing the trip from Sydney to Melbourne
TripGo trip map: Sydney to Melbourne by public transport

Sydney to Melbourne trip
TripGo trip directions: Sydney to Melbourne by public transport

Of course, TripGo offers all the usual transport options and any combinations of them:

Public transport, walking or wheelchair, bicycle, taxi, Uber, your own car or motorbike, a rented car, Car Next Door and Goget.

To report any issues you experience in TripGo, please send us a message on [email protected], or use in-app feedback (take a screenshot/tap on “Share” => Report Problem).