Game of Thrones Commute Options

Just a bit of fun today: We were wondering which commute options correspond to which of the 11 Great Houses from Game of Thrones.

This is our list:

  1. House Stark – “Winter is coming.” You take the train – Old, strong, hard to stop!
  2. House Targaryen – “Fire & blood.” You ride your dragon – If there’s no dragon nearby, you walk instead, no matter how long it takes you.
  3. House Baratheon – “Ours is the fury.” You drive your car – Stuck in traffic again!
  4. House Lannister – “Hear me roar.” You take your motorbike – The most exciting and often fastest way to get to work.
  5. House Tyrell – “Growing Strong.” You car pool or use car sharing – Why not make use of what’s available and share the good stuff.
  6. House Tully – “Family, Duty, Honor.” You take the bus – Well established does not mean inferior, it’s a smart choice if you want to get some stuff done while commuting.
  7. House Greyjoy – “We do not sow.” You take the ferry – You rule over the islands and have the best views on your commute.
  8. House Arryn – “As high as honor.” You ride your bicycle – Pedal proudly as you help your mind, body and the environment.
  9. House Martell – “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.” You run – Follow the sun (and don’t breathe too many exhaust gases).
  10. House Frey – You work from home – Why leave your castles if they give you everything you need?
  11. House Baelish – “Knowledge is power.” You take a taxi – Show them you can afford it!