Carry on Commuting

According to the last census data, from the National Office of Statistics, the proportion of United Kingdom workers who regularly commute to work had dropped from 86% in 2001 to 81% in 2011. In isolation this may not seem a significant swing, but in context to the bigger trend, it […]

The Demise of Driving

Over 107 million Americans drive to work, according to a report by U.S.Pirg Education Fund. That’s more than 80% of all commuters – incredibly, more than 70% drive in alone! No wonder the roads in the top 100 urban US centres get a little congested. In stark contrast less than […]

Top 5 Transport Modes

According to McCrindle Research over 10 million Australians commute to work everyday, and two-thirds of these people do so by private car. In fact, there are 13.3 million registered passenger vehicles in this country—that’s one car for every 1.37 people of driving age! No wonder we’re less ‘green’ than we […]

Tunnel Vision

The tunnel between Townhall and Wynyard stations provided me with a unique insight into commuter behavior on Sydney trains. As is my habit, I stared blankly into the darkness, but sadly only my reflection looked back at me. For a moment I felt self-conscious. What I was looking for? After […]

Reduce, Recycle and Reggae…

Next time you take a trip, terraqueous in nature—not metaphysical by design, ask yourself whether it’s the journey or the destination that matters more to you. When you actually sit down and think about this, you may change your mind about how often you travel or maybe even what mode […]

Become a TripGo Android Beta Tester

Android TripGo users, if you want to be on the cutting edge, please follow these steps: Join our Google+ community Become a tester on Google Play Once you have joined, when you download/update the app from the Google Play store, you will automatically get the latest version, beta or release. […]

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