TripGo Agenda

TripGo 4 is out for iOS – and with it the all new, life changing Agenda! TripGo now integrates with your life more seamlessly than ever before: It…

  • Automatically plans trips to, from and between events in your calendar, and intelligently proposes the best connections for you, so you can relax and enjoy your day.
  • Reminds you to leave for your trips so you arrive at your events on time. No more excuses for being late…
  • Covers all your urban transports, including public transport, taxis, bike and car sharing, walking and your personal vehicles – and of course any combination of these!
  • Considers your transport preferences. No matter whether you are an eco warrior, saving for your next holiday or always short on time, tell TripGo your priorities and it will adjust your trips accordingly.

[appStoreButton] Coming soon to Android, if you just can’t wait join the Beta.


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What our TripGo 4 beta testers say:

“Things that are great:

The Agenda… Wow, that’s a feature that I will probably use every day! I have no school yet, but once I’m back, it’s gonna help me out a lot.
The notifications that “I should leave now to arrive at place X at Y.” Great idea!
The overall smoothness of the app. It just works. It gives me tons of alternatives when I’m trying to go from once place to another. The fact that I can enter other times, times when I want to arrive, etc. Great work. Better than any other route planners I ever used.

Things that aren’t so great: I can’t think of any!
Levente Koros, Budapest

The features that the new app has are in a word, awesome.

What I love throughout the app is that you have instant access to schedules if the suggested option is no good. If the suggested route isn’t a good time, it’s very easy to see when the next opportunity will be for a preferred route.

I also absolutely love how you combine modes of transportation. I think that this is the only app that does this. For example, on my way to work I have access to a bike share, so it really is wonderful to be able to include biking as part of the journey. But I can also include a taxi if it’s raining, etc. Brilliant!

Paul Zoulin, San Francisco


What our current users say:

“Found this app to be absolutely brilliant, got me everywhere I needed to go, not only on time but the first time. Pricing approximates were very good… highly recommend this app… A++++” – SonnyMobray via AppStore

My Seattle life-saver: @TripGo.” – Isaac Sanders via Twitter

“I stumbled onto @TripGo for public and private transit planning recently. Thoroughly useful and highly recommended.” – Jamie Skella via Twitter

“So helpful I don’t go anywhere before consulting with this app.” – Valeria Ocana Hinojosa via Play Store

“@TripGo is so fing amazing! I swear it’s from the future” – MoBotan via Twitter

“Bike + transit = rocking’ better directions… This is the first app I’ve seen to effectively combine bicycle and transit directions (among other modes you can turn on and off).” – San Jose via AppStore


[appStoreButton] Coming soon to Android, if you just can’t wait join the Beta.


Do you have feedback on the new version you’d like to share with us? Or maybe some great ideas or suggestions for further improvements?

Email us at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you!