Pay your way with TripGo

Ever been frustrated switching from one app to another to do a simple task? TripGo now makes your life easier, by allowing ticket purchases directly through the app. This new mobility on demand feature is currently being launched in Turku, Finland.

Why Finland?

Well the Finns got it all worked out, with a solid commitment to making mobility on demand happen and supporting multi- and mixed modal transport. This is an ideal environment for us to further develop the functionalities of our app.

How does it work?

Easy – simply select a trip, choose the right ticket and pay! This all-in-one feature allows the user to stay within the TripGo app and avoid switching from a trip planning app to another ticket booking app (or using a physical ticket). It’s all integrated in the flow.

Why hasn’t this been done earlier?

Implementing mobility on demand requires quite a few parties to work together who have traditionally been inclined to ‘do their own thing’. Bringing together transport service providers, mobile ticketing and payment providers within our app allows us to combine trip planning and ticket purchases. And while there is a lot going on in the background, for the user the process is very simple.

We are planning to roll out this new and exciting feature in more smart cities and countries soon, so stay tuned!