Make smarter driving choices – TripGo now shows real-time travel times and alerts for Sydney, Australia.

Following last year’s ‘Hackathon’, developers with the best and most inventive ideas were picked to work with Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services to develop innovative real-time road apps. TripGo was one of them.

Whether driving, catching a taxi or using ride sharing – TripGo will let you know if your trip will take longer due to heavy traffic. It will also alert you to incidents, fires, floods, alpine conditions, major events and roadworks on your route.

This is what it looks like on iOS and Android:

TripGo now has real-time traffic info | TripGo BlogTripGo now has real-time traffic info | TripGo Blog

TripGo also combines this with real-time information from public transport. This makes e.g. taking an Uber to catch a train much less risky. Just lean back and enjoy your ride.

As part of the new system, TripGo users can contribute their GPS locations when using the app; the location info then gets fed back into the real-time traffic system to improve the data. If you’d rather not contribute, you can opt out of this in your TripGo Settings.

Note: Predictions use information from sqlstream. Hazard information can also be seen at

Title image credit: North Sydney By pattyjansen (own work) [CC0 1.0 Public Domain], via Pixabay

See real-time road apps on the RMS website for more information.

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