SkedGo, Shotl and CTC bring first and last mile transport to Japan

Sydney, Australia 28 July 2022: Mobility technology provider SkedGo is today announcing the launch of a PoC project with Shotl and ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) to bring together Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in Japan.

Users in the southern city of Nōgata can now use Android and iOS applications to plan, book, and calculate fares for multi-modal routes that start or end with a DRT trip, and incorporate all public transport options. The result is a seamless door-to-door experience, with SkedGo’s solution supporting real time updates of DRT availability, virtual stops and operating hours.

John Nuutinen, CEO, SkedGo, says:

“DRT serves to increase equal access to transport, in either urban or rural locations. In Japan, where more than 29% of the population is over 65*, we’re excited to show how our world class routing algorithm can improve quality of life and support community needs.

Working with Shotl and CTC also enables us to demonstrate the flexibility of our MaaS platform globally, with hassle free in-app booking helping to reduce city congestion and dependence on private cars.”

SkedGo’s white label solution incorporates General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data so passengers can constantly stay aware of changes to their route, service updates, vehicle locations and congestion. The zone-based DRT provision connects with multiple first and last mile transport options and transport hubs, to create a user-friendly and competitive service.

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Notes to editors:

*The estimated number of people aged 65 or older in Japan in September 2021 stood at 36.4 million, 29.1% of the population (The Japan Times)

About SkedGo  

SkedGo was founded in 2009 by Claus von Hessberg, Tim Cooper, Adrian Schoenig and John Nuutinen, who identified a logistical issue when trying to organise transport for a regular football match and set out to solve the problem through mapping tools. Incorporated in Germany and Australia, the company has strong roots in both countries with additional teams based in the UK, Vietnam and Argentina. SkedGo provides the technological building blocks, via White Labels, API and SDKs, to create mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions for governments, transit agencies, leading start-ups and corporations. Their technology currently integrates over 3,500 transport service providers worldwide and has a strong focus on customisation, which enables clients to offer more sustainable, active and accessible mobility solutions.

SkedGo works with UK local government organisations including Leicester City Council and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). The company also has clients across the rest of Europe, North America, Asia, APAC and the Middle East.

About Shotl

Shotl is a mobility platform that empowers public transport operators to supply on-demand mobility services through a network of vans and small buses. With the Shotl platform, vehicles are dynamically routed in real-time through algorithms that match and pool travellers as per each origin and destination, in areas where public transportation is often insufficient and highly subsidised. These are residential suburbs of large cities, business parks, airports or small villages.

Thanks to a proprietary API the Shotl backend system can be integrated into MaaS platforms in order for the DRT operation to be offered alongside or combined with other transport modes. By doing so the potential of the DRT to solve first/last mile needs is maximized as well as increasing the efficiency and capillarity of the other transport modes to create a self-feeding and harmonious mobility ecosystem.

About ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) is a comprehensive IT services company that partners with its customers. From consulting to design, development and construction, operational and maintenance support, CTC combines sophisticated IT solutions and cloud services to find solutions to customer issues. Providing optimum services in all fields including communication, broadcasting, manufacturing, finance, logistics and retail, public services, life sciences, science and engineering.