A better future for all citizens – wherever they’re based across the globe. That’s the lofty mission of Smart City Expo World Congress. Centred around the core tenets of ‘social inclusion, sustainability and empowerment’ it focuses attention on the key values that should be at the heart of all cities.

The event, which takes place in Barcelona from 19th – 21st November 2019, has some great sessions lined up, diving into thought-provoking topics covering everything from digital transformation and governance to mobility and urban environment. Here, we highlight a few of those sessions with a focus on mobility as a service (MaaS):

1) Shared Mobility: Getting Ready for the MaaS Era

The new world of transport is all about sharing. And that’s exactly what this theme of talks and panel sessions aim to hone in on. From car sharing to ride hailing, the speakers will explore what policies cities can encourage to drive improved shared mobility models, reaping the benefits whilst simultaneously reducing their impact. A greater understanding of these disruptive models will help to ensure future mobility plans are more sustainable.

Monique List-de Roos, Vice Mayor for Eindhoven Municipality in the Netherlands will present a talk on ‘How cooperation between different stakeholders can speed up implementation and create added value for them?’ whilst Mar Alarcon Batlle, Founder and CEO for Social Capital Sl in Barcelona, Spain will discuss ‘The benefits of peer-to-peer car sharing’.

2) Mobility trends: from MaaS to Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles and MaaS are hot topics right now so it will be interesting to explore these and other mobility trends. This session will focus on the new models and opportunities ahead – ones which will hopefully inspire a shift away from the unsustainable current models for moving people around cities.

Speakers include Claus Habfast, Vice-Chair of Council of Grenoble-Alpes Métropole in France; Jaume Barcelo, Strategic Advisor of PTV Group in Karlsruhe, Germany and Billy Stalcup, President of 360 Network Solutions, LLC in Atlanta, USA.

3) Seamless Transport: Commuting Easily while Paying Smarter

This session taps into what is probably one of the largest areas of opportunity – and is essential from a MaaS perspective. Smooth and seamless journeys from start to finish call for new business models and ways of working alongside changes in infrastructure. It’s a huge leap and by no means easy. However, it could help us make the move to more sustainable and integrated mobility that not only benefits our urban environments but the lives of citizens too.

The session will include a panel with Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO, President for ERTICO, MaaS Alliance in Brussels, Belgium; Cyril Baloyi Group Chief Technology Officer for the City of Johannesburg in South Africa; and Álvaro Undurraga, Commercial Engineer for CORFO in Santiago, Chile.

4) Moving ahead: using GALILEO and other technologies to accelerate MaaS

There are many fantastic projects driving MaaS forward. And the GALILEO 4 Mobility project is one of them. The session will showcase how this satellite technology aims to provide a boost to MaaS and shared mobility solutions like ride hailing and car sharing. by enhancing connectivity, particularly in areas where traditional GPS-based solutions may not be as reliable. The session will also look at other projects such as IMOVE and ARIADNA and the role they play in MaaS too.

The event will no doubt be another great opportunity to network and share our experiences, goals, projects and more as we continue our quest to see smarter cities that ultimately have a positive impact on all our lives. 

Catch up with our senior developer and data integrations team lead Fernando Sagui in Barcelona if you want to learn more about our award-winning MaaS technology.

Hope to see you there.

Before you head to the Smart City Expo World Congress always check the website for the latest up-to-date itinerary. The organisations and discussions mentioned in this post were correct at the time of writing.

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