Why choose SkedGo as Your System Integration Partner

Choosing the right partner is crucial for success for System Integrators. SkedGo can be your experienced ally in navigating the complexities of multi and mixed modal journey planning and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Our unwavering commitment to seamless integration, scalability, and innovation has established us as a top-tier choice for routing and MaaS solutions worldwide. Here’s why SkedGo is the partner you’ve been searching for:

Trusted Industry Partner

A Decade of Expertise

With over a decade of experience, SkedGo brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our deep understanding of the integrated mobility landscape ensures that your integration projects are in capable hands.

Internationally Acclaimed

SkedGo has won multiple awards, such as Best MaaS Platform and Judges Choice for Pathway to Net Zero. Our accolades underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation. Our B Corp certification illustrates our commitment to sustainability and stability.

Global Reach

Our platform spans across 600+ cities and connects with over 4000 Transport Service Providers worldwide, offering unparalleled reach and accessibility.

Proven Deployments

SkedGo has successfully deployed a variety of solutions across the globe, demonstrating our ability to deliver in diverse environments.

Agile and Reliable Partner

Solving Complex Challenges

At SkedGo, we thrive on problem-solving. We understand the intricate challenges System Integrators face and offer adaptable, flexible solutions to overcome them.

Industry Savvy

Our team possesses vast industry knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights and support, tailored to your integration projects.

Fast Moving

System Integrators can scale resources up or down according to the requirements of the project. SkedGo is a partner that doesn’t weigh you down when it matters.

Dependable and on Time

SkedGo prioritizes the delivery of solutions according to stipulated timelines and budgets, offering you peace of mind in project management.


Global Coverage

Our platform provides global coverage, ensuring your projects can reach every corner of the world.

Boundless Possibilities

We seamlessly integrate with all types of Transport Service Providers and adhere to industry data standards, making us a versatile choice for your projects.

Consistent Pricing

Pricing consistency allows you to manage opportunities autonomously without time consuming back-and-forths that slow you down. 

Fast Time to Market

We can set up new instances for testing and MVP releases, which is paramount for programs to move forward as planned.

Modular Technology

Focused Value

SkedGo offers API and SDK solutions that provide focused value without overlap, ensuring efficiency in integration.

Bespoke Development

We provide bespoke development options, tailoring solutions to your specific needs for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Thriving Partner Ecosystem

Our vibrant partner ecosystem gives you access to a wide range of tools and resources to enhance your integration capabilities.

Infrastructure Agnostic

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, regardless of the technology stack in use.

Self-serve Options

Plug into your SkedGo solution autonomously with our self-serve tools for cost reduction and independence.

Secure to the Core

SkedGo supports System Integrators in providing secure and reliable solutions with all personal data protected.

New and Emerging Trends

SkedGo is a forward-thinking company. We are always looking for new ways to make our technology more impactful, personalized and engaging. Bringing together our capabilities with System Integrators’ cutting-edge digital expertise means the sky is truly the limit. A few examples of how SkedGo can assist with providing solutions for:

Safe and Inclusive Routing

Offering advanced safe and inclusive routing features to cater to diverse user needs means the MaaS program is sure to drive high social impact.

Events & Tourism

Specialized solutions for event and tourism-related MaaS open up exciting possibilities to pioneer more sustainable and connected experiences.

Routing Customisations

The ability to calibrate and configure the routing engine to serve different social, environmental and business needs makes SkedGo a MaaS swiss-army knife.

Corporate MaaS

Current workplace trends open up exciting opportunities for enterprises to adapt, improve and thrive through employee mobility programs.

AI Ready

The granular data our platform captures can power AI systems to achieve new ways to understand mobility patterns as well as innovative & proactive approaches to the user experience.

“The future of MaaS is all about hyper-personalization and hyper-localisation. Inflexible & one-size-fits-all mobility platforms are a thing of the past. SkedGo’s market-leading routing engine provides system integrators with the perfect foundation upon which to create cutting-edge & experience-first solutions, which are flexible and scalable at the same time.”

John Nuutinen

SkedGo CEO

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