Take me on a ferry ride

Imagine… You’re in the city near the wharf, It’s a beautiful day and you’re on your way to visit your friend across the water. You know that a bus is your fastest and cheapest option, but you’d really like to enjoy the sun and the fresh sea breeze on a ferry. […]

Introducing TripGo 4

TripGo 4 is out for iOS – and with it the all new, life changing Agenda! TripGo now integrates with your life more seamlessly than ever before: It… Automatically plans trips to, from and between events in your calendar, and intelligently proposes the best connections for you, so you can relax […]

Become a TripGo Android Beta Tester

Android TripGo users, if you want to be on the cutting edge, please follow these steps: Join our Google+ community Become a tester on Google Play Once you have joined, when you download/update the app from the Google Play store, you will automatically get the latest version, beta or release. […]