The Ultimate Transport Guide :: Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland’s capital, is a beautiful city, well worth a visit. But whether you’re a tourist or a local, we have gathered the best tips for your trips around the “Daughter of the Baltic”. To find your best connection from A to B, check the TripGo app. It quickly and […]

The Ultimate Transport Guide :: Melbourne

Capital of Victoria, Australia’s ‘cultural capital’ and arguably the place to find the country’s best coffee, Melbourne has much to offer its residents as well as visitors from all over the world. Our comprehensive transport guide includes public transportation as well as alternative transport modes including car sharing, cycling and […]

8 hot crowdfunding campaigns

This week, we are having a look at the coolest open transportation-related crowdfunding projects on kickstarter and indiegogo. These are our top picks:   Hendo Hoverboard It’s a hoverboard! Well, it’s a first step at least… This cool gadget works using magnets and currently only works on surfaces that are […]

Future of transport :: A car free future

A recent study found that Millennials, those born 1983 – 2000, are driving less. Instead they prefer taking transit, biking, walking and other means of transport. Many also prefer living in walkable cities. Taking this trend further, we might be heading towards car-free cities or even lives. But what would these look like, and what would be the […]

23 Benefits of cycling

No matter where you live, there’s usually a way to include cycling in your daily commute. Many people don’t even consider taking the bicycle as an option, but we believe it’s one of the best options you have. Here’s why – Get fitter & healthier Spending time outside is great; […]

Bike it around the best eats in Portland :: the cycle-friendly city

Portland is known for many things: microbreweries, coffee, street and vegan food – and of course its weirdness. There is another angle to the City of Roses though: green commuting. In 2012, Travel + Leisure magazine rated Portland as the #1 most pedestrian and transit-friendly city in the United States. Portland offers buses, light rail (aka MAX), streetcars, aerial tram – and lots of cycling options: […]

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