Developer Support Engineer

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Jayen works as a DevOps Engineer for SkedGo Australia, where he is responsible for server setup, configuration, and maintenance, liaising with local transport agencies, Australian business development opportunities, as well as managing the Android version of the TripGo transport app.

Jayen has extensive knowledge of existing and new technologies in the web development and machine learning industries. With over fifteen years experience, he has been involved in SkedGo projects such as: incorporating real-time public transport data and traffic data, incorporating public transport data in proprietary formats, demand-responsive transport, improving wheelchair-accessibility information, the TripGo transport app, and the Australian Capital journey planner.

Jayen’s education and qualifications include two Bachelor's degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and one Master's degree from University of New South Wales; all three in the ICT field. He also keeps up-to-date on the latest technologies by taking online classes.