Mariano Tucat

Software Engineer and Team Leader

Mariano works as Software Engineer for SkedGo and is responsible for API architecture and documentation, booking and payment integrations, database and accounts handling, as well as server configuration and maintenance.

Mariano has over seven years experience working in Java. He has extensive knowledge on existing and new technologies in the web development industry. He has been involved in many SkedGo projects so far, which include: integrating booking and payment providers, incorporating ticketing systems, developing database API access for TripGo transport app, implementing push notification services, building the API and data access for RioGo app.

Mariano’s education and qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and a PhD degree from Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS, Argentina), both in the ICT field. He has been Head Teaching Assistant of a web development course at UNS since 2011, and he keeps learning the newest technologies related to web development.