Mauro Gomez

Software Engineer

Mauro has been working as a Java & Web Developer for SkedGo since 2011. He is responsible for analysis and time estimates, and development and maintenance of different web-based projects. This includes the TripGo transport web-app and its different white label versions, a coverage stats analysis tool for internal and business sale use, front-end for a demand-responsive transport simulator, and other specific tools for internal use.

With over six years experience in development and five in academic research, Mauro has extensive knowledge in web development paradigms and technologies as well as a solid foundation in computer science in general.

He is also Head Teaching Assistant of a degree course in Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Nacional del Sur since 2006. Mauro’s education and qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree and a PhD., both in Computer Science at Universidad Nacional del Sur. He is very motivated to continue learning and growing, technically and as well as within the team.