Algorithms Developer

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Sebastián is part of SkedGo's algorithms team. He currently helps improve, maintain and refine SkedGo's routing algorithms, contributes to the backend development team, and provides support to the Business Development team on technical matters.

Having two degrees in Computer Science from Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS, Argentina), Sebastián has worked in a variety of positions in the last 15 years, such as Associate Professor teaching Embedded Systems (UNS), Member/Researcher of the Visualization and Computer Graphics Research and Development Lab (VyGLab) in the same University, and computer forensics specialist for the Prosecutor General's Office of the Judicial Department of Bahía Blanca. He's also currently working on his PhD on Visualization Ontologies.

Having many years of expertise in a wide variety of areas, and always pursuing new challenges, Sebastián is excited to help SkedGo lead the next chapter in the future of Mobility-as-a-Service.