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Future of transport :: Cycling


It’s a work morning and the sun is shining, so you decide to cycle to your appointment in the city today.

You hop onto your bicycle and zip up the airbag around your neck before heading off.

Navigation is no problem as LEDs in your peripheral vision let you know when to turn, so you don’t even need to look down to find your way to the meeting point.

For turns as well as speed changes lights built into your handlebars let other road users know what you’re up to and greatly increase your safety.

The ride is a breeze and you don’t sweat over hygiene issues, as your smart back wheel gives you a boost when you need it.

Even though you need to navigate bumpy terrain like grass and gravel roads, you enjoy a smooth ride thanks to your shock absorbing wheels.[ref]According to information provided to us by SoftWheels, you can combine SoftWheels and the Copenhagen Wheel. How amazing is that![/ref]

You arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed, connect the lock and walk away with peace of mind, knowing your bike will lock itself and let you know of any attempts to steal it while you are in the meeting.

Sounds too futuristic? It’s not! These and other amazing products already exist:

  1. Hövding – cycling airbag (US$299)
    • Worn around your neck while cycling (comes in different styles and sizes)
    • Inflates when needed, based on an algorithm that can distinguish normal cycling from accidents
    • Covers a much larger area than a traditional cycle helmet when inflated
    Original source http://www.kunstform.org
    Original source http://www.kunstform.org
  2. The Copenhagen Wheel (US$799, pre-order)
    • Smart motor assistance that does not disrupt your cycling so you can ride faster, farther, and easier
    • Comes with an app for a variety of added features (e.g. locking the wheel and providing usage statistics)
    Original source
    Original source
  3. Helios Bars – light system (US$279)
    • Front and rear facing powerful LEDs built into the bike’s handlebars (comes in 3 styles and 4 colours)
    • Integrated headlight & blinker system: let other road users know when you’re breaking and turning
    • Comes with an app for features like tracking your bike or turning the lights on or off based on your (phone’s) proximity to your bike
    Original source 
    Original source 
  4. SoftWheel Fluent™ – shock-absorbing wheel (not on the market yet)
    • Uses compression cylinders to absorb shocks within the wheel before they’re transferred to the rider
    • Allows riders to go down stairs and curbs without feeling the impact
    Original source 
    Original source
  5. Lock8 – cycle lock (US$249, pre-order)
    • Uses a smartphone app to lock your bike
    • Sounds high-pitch alarm if someone tries to steal your bike or temper with the lock
    • Lets you track your bike via GPS
    • Recharge the lock’s battery while riding
    Original source 
    Original source 

Do you know of any amazing innovations for cyclists?

Let us know in the comments below!