According to McCrindle Research over 10 million Australians commute to work everyday, and two-thirds of these people do so by private car. In fact, there are 13.3 million registered passenger vehicles in this country—that’s one car for every 1.37 people of driving age! No wonder we’re less ‘green’ than we were 5 years ago.

Here’s how we’re getting to work:

# Transport Commuters
1 Car 6,597,608
2 Train 388,012
3 Walk 377,043
4 Bus 301,187
5 Truck 104,746

Here are some other findings from the survey:

Sydney takes the train

Even though Sydney has 400,000 more people than Melbourne, Melbourne has 107,792 more people who drive to work.

Melbourne cycles

Melbourne has more bicycle commuters than any other city in Australia (25,594). In fact, 41% of all Australian women who ride to work live in Melbourne.

Tasmanians Car Pool

Hobart residents are more likely to drop someone else off to work. For every 11 people who drive themselves, 1 person gets a lift to work.

Brisbane Motorcycles

Even though Brisbane has 2 million less people than Melbourne, it has 1,725 more motorcycle commuters.

Northern Territory goes walk-about and South Australia drives

The Northern Territory is the ‘walk to work’ capital, with 11% of its commuters getting there on foot. In contrast 7 out of 10 commuters in South Australia arrive to work by car.

Finally, 1 in 5 commuters use multiple forms of transport. In fact, 27 people took a bus, a car and a bike to get to the office – that’s hard work!

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