The train will next stop… where your driver waits

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Uber! Anyone using public transport and ridesharing in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney will now get a more seamless experience.

This partnership is another step in the direction of an integrated approach to transport: connecting services and delivering not only planning abilities but also the capability to book trips within one interface.


In an Australian first, TripGo users will be given access to Uber’s real time ridesharing data to allow Aussies to request and synchronize Uber rides with public transport connections, effectively bridging the first/last mile gap.

For example, TripGo users can request an Uber ride to their local train, bus or tram station and use real time data within the app to help streamline their connection with the next departing public transport service.

“Enabling users to book their trip from start to finish in one app brings us closer to providing true mobility as a service (MaaS). It also gives users more flexibility to adapt to changing plans, traffic situations etc. as they can manage and update their trip directly within the TripGo app.” – Claus von Hessberg, CEO and founder of TripGo.

— Available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney, the partnership will help transform the way people access and use public transport. —

“Aligning ridesharing with public transport systems is one of the smartest ways to help people move around the city without the need for costly infrastructure developments or owning a personal vehicle.

Uber is working with cities and local transport systems around the world to solve the first and last mile problem, and this partnership will help feed more people into, and effectively expand the reach of existing public transport services.” – David Rohrsheim, General Manager, Uber Australia & New Zealand.

To download the TripGo app please visit here.