TripGo API News January 2018

API News 2018

Our developers have been very busy in the last few months and added plenty of features to our API and TripGo app. Get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

  • Made it easy to unlock transport modes and real-time data that do not have an open license and require credentials specifically for you. This includes BlaBlaCar, car2go, Lyft, Uber and a few more.
  • New endpoints to get operators for a region, routes for an operator, services for a route, and alerts.
  • Updated locations.json endpoint to work with coordinate and radius.
  • Simpler way of accessing our API by providing an URL where you don’t need to worry about which server to send requests to.
  • Our SDKs are now open source – TripKit iOS and TripKit Android.
  • Interregional routing is live.
  • Improved wheelchair accessibility information. Developer info here.
  • Real-time traffic from Google or TomTom.
  • New regions:
    1. Several in Germany
    2. Vienna
    3. Israel
    4. Warsaw
    5. Prague
    6. Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • New transport service providers (TSPs):
    1. Flinkster
    2. MyDriver
    3. Modo (BC, Canada)

Also new

  • More languages: Danish, Korean. We are looking for volunteers for Russian, Swedish, Japanese, Norwegian, Hebrew, Polish. 
  • For demand-responsive transport (DRT), we now have a simulator! Find out more here.
  • The TripGo web app now let’s you explore all available regions and TSPs.

Coming soon

  • Free-floating bike share
  • Parking locations with more information (tariffs, opening times, capacity, entrances)
  • Drop-in view controllers to add routing and trips to your app with just a few lines of codes.