Getting around on a wheelchair with public transport isn’t always easy. Limited platform accessibility or no access to busses can be a real problem.

While accessibility overall has improved dramatically over the past decade, a non-existent or broken lift can make travel for wheelchair users a challenge. So does an old bus or train that hasn’t been fitted with a ramp yet.

Even though we’re not able to fix these issues, we can help wheelchair users with a different solution: Knowledge! Plan your trip using our TripGo app with ‘Wheelchair information’ enabled (you’ll find this in the ‘Public transport’ section), and you will see only wheelchair friendly transport options.

TripGo will also tell you how long you need to get to a bus stop or station and lists results according to suitability.

Download the iOS version here and Android here.

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Please note we’re only as good as the data we can get. Public transport info comes from transport service providers and isn’t always available for all regions.

Wheelchair friendliness data is from OpenStreetMap, which is a wonderful non-profit foundation supporting and enabling the development of freely-reusable geospatial data.

Wheelchair warnings come from the awesome team at Livrit and are currently only available in Rio de Janeiro.

Are you a wheelchair user? Do you have any feedback on our service? Let us know in the comments below or email [email protected].


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