Improved choice of transport, cheaper travel costs and reducing congestion are all hot topics when it comes to picking your preferred personal transport solution.

But what if by mixing your modes of transport you could easily achieve all of the above – and more?

TripGo is the only truly global app that allows you to mix your trips and combine public and private transport options!

Starting by train but then need a cab? We’ll factor that in for you. Leaving on your bike and need a car share later? No problem for us.

Tell TripGo your preferences and it’ll present the best options for you.

Not only does mixed mode transport improve user choice, it also has the added benefit of being able to reduce traffic from congestion zones – a game changer for bothhigh and low density urban cities.

Here’s a quick summary of how mixed and multi modal transport can benefit economies across the globe:

  1. Reduced congestion
  2. Reduced cost of travel
  3. Make travel more convenient and reliable
  4. Reduce car-related emissions
  5. Reduce the likelihood of driving-related accidents
  6. Increased user choice

TripGo takes the hassle out of coordinating your travel and daily schedule by –

  • Automatically planning trips to, from and between events in your calendar, intelligently proposing the best connections.
  • Sending reminders for upcoming planned trips so you always arrive at your events on time.
  • Considering your own vehicle{s} when recommending trip route options.
  • Personalising your trips according to your transport preferences.

Have you experimented with mixed and multi modes of transport to get you where you need to be? Tell us about your experience!

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