UrbanThings and SkedGo partner to combine powerful journey planning features in passenger apps

Media Release

London, 7 Dec, 2023: Transport technology expert UrbanThings and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) leader SkedGo announce their strategic partnership, combining their technology platforms to deliver preference-based journey planning with a sustainability focus.

The partnership will combine SkedGo’s expertise in journey planning and routing with UrbanThings experience in ticketing and real-time information to support operators and cities with access to a deeper level of configuration for their journey planning offerings. As well as promoting the availability of operator’s services, this will help encourage sustainable travel options with better routes, taking into account customers’ travel preferences and habits.

With UrbanThings’s ongoing focus on making travel easier for customers, partnering with SkedGo will give UrbanThings a much richer set of advanced journey-planning capabilities and empower their passenger app users.

Working with SkedGo will supercharge our journey planning offering. This enhancement will allow us to provide much more sophisticated preference-based journey plans to simplify the customer experience and improve the visibility of how their preferred operators can provide a sustainable and convenient travel choice with a journey that suits them. I’m really excited to see the real everyday benefits passengers will feel from this partnership.”

Guy Sutherland, Head of Bids and Partnerships at UrbanThings

“Our collaboration with UrbanThings is a testament to the empowering relationship between account-based ticketing and advanced journey planning capabilities. We bring our respective expertise and technology together within a seamlessly integrated solution, to create a best-in-class plan, book and pay mobility experience. This will empower users to make more informed and ultimately more sustainable travel decisions and reflects our own commitment to sustainable transport.”

Joshua Biondi, Business Development Manager Europe at SkedGo

About UrbanThings

UrbanThings is a technology company based in London and part of Paragon ID, global provider of identification solutions for e-ID, transport and smart cities. UrbanThings’s mission is to make travel simple for everyone and encourage the use of shared transport. Providing cities, local authorities and passenger transport operators with a smart transport platform for mobile ticketing and reservations, live vehicle tracking, and rich passenger analytics, UrbanThings’ technology powers over 130 million passenger journeys each year.

About SkedGo    

SkedGo provides the technological building blocks, via White Labels, API and SDKs, to create mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions for system integrators, cities and councils, transport agencies and corporations.

Their award-winning technology currently integrates over 4,000 transport service providers worldwide and has a strong focus on customisation, which enables clients to offer more sustainable, active and accessible mobility solutions. The company is a Certified B Corporation, having been recognised for its high standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.