SkedGo joins Greentech Alliance

In January 2022, SkedGo officially became a member of the Greentech Alliance.

This Alliance brings together green technology businesses that fight climate change with their products and services in the most environmentally respectful and sustainable manner.

As a company that has positive environmental and societal impact at its core, we have implemented a variety of measures:

In our apps

  • The consumer apps we create encourage users to consider sustainable alternatives to driving
  • Our apps also support businesses in reducing their fleets and offering their employees green alternatives to commute
  • We endeavour to measure the positive impact we have on people and communities through our apps

In our company

  • We support our employees living greener by offering work from home, flexible work hours, using teleconferences, digital instead of paper documents, and co-working spaces
  • We strive to reduce waste and encourage our staff to travel sustainably, e.g. train rather than plane or car
  • We send out a monthly idea to staff on how they can live a greener life

We are proud and excited to be part of the Greentech Alliance, putting planet before profit.