Discover Rio and its attractions

Are you planning to go to Rio de Janeiro? Planning to do some sight seeing? How are you going to get around the city?

Winner of the Olympic City Transport Challenge

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With EventGo you can:


Easily find sights and activities around Rio


Select what you want to see and do


Have all your transport planned for each day in Rio

A trip planning platform

EventGo uses the same trip planning platform as TripGo, so it lets users choose from all available public & private transport modes to pick the fastest, cheapest or environmentally friendliest (least carbon)

The Games in your pocket

Just set your hotel and add any Olympic games, attractions and other events you want to see. EventGo will take care of the rest. It automatically produces your itinerary and will let you know exactly when to leave and which transport to catch. So go ahead, kick back and live your passion while EventGo organises your trips.

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Supporting what3words

Getting around can be complex in Rio de Janeiro. Specifying exactly where to meet or where to go in big buildings can be difficult. EventGo gives you detailed information about sights and other places, each listed with its 3 word address. what3words makes it easy to find and get to an exact location. It uses a global grid of 3mx3m squares, each with a unique pre-assigned 3 word address.