Survive and thrive: creating a more agile transport sector

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s the need to act fast. Almost overnight, organisations have changed their business models, even if only temporarily. Restaurants have turned to food delivery, face-to-face retailers and service providers have moved online and production lines have switched to hand sanitiser and personal protective equipment (Forbes). Some organisations are proving they can adapt – a trait that ultimately helps businesses survive.

It’s a vivid reminder that to survive and thrive, organisations need to pivot and turn a dire situation into an opportunity, wherever possible.

Of course, like many things, it’s easier said than done. However, the harsh reality is, we have no choice. COVID-19 has affected many industries, none more so than the transport sector, with far fewer travellers and an airline industry virtually on its knees. But that got us thinking. How could the transport sector be more agile and adaptable to increase its resilience?

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